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How to increase virtual RAM in windows 10? | Computercooltricks

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

I am sure everyone has faced system performance issues due to low configuration or for Ram issue. Windows 10 has a feature and allows hard drive work the same way as RAM (Random access Memory.) Advantage of Virtual Memory: 1) Virtual memory help to increase speed when we are working on high-end software 2) it allows you to run multiples software at once 3) More efficient swapping

4) No need for considerations about fragmentation

Follow the below set up for converting the hard disk space into virtual ram Step 1)Press Win + R in the Keyboard

Step 2 ) Type control panel into the search box and hit ok

Step 3) Click on System and Security

Step 4) Click on System

Step 5) Click on System Protection

Step 6) Click on Advance then Click on Performance Setting

Step 7) Click on Advanced and then click on change

Step 7) Click on Custom size after that click on OK

Note: Virtual Ram calculation

Microsoft recommends that you set virtual memory to be no less than 1.5 times and no more than 3 times the amount of RAM on your computer Maximum 1.5 Minimum 3 For example, if I have 4 gm ram Calculation: 1024 x 4 x 1.5=6,144MB (1GB ram x installed ram x Minumum) 1024 x 4 x 3= 12,288MB (1GB ram x installed ram x Maximum)

Finally, you need to restart the pc to apply these changes

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