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Top 5 website vulnerability scanner website | Computercooltricks

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Web Vulnerability Scanners

Web Vulnerability: Basically web vulnerability is automated tools that scan web applications and look for security vulnerabilities. Web vulnerability normally checks the below security problems.

  • cross-site scripting (XSS),

  • SQL injection,

  • and cross-site request forgery (CSRF).

Importance or why you need Web Vulnerability Scanners

Basically, web vulnerability scanners are the best way to protect the web application from the black hat hacker. Day by day vulnerability or hacking attempts are increasing hence manual testing can't keep up, Automated security testing is must be needed to secure web applications.

How often should you run a vulnerability scan?

You can scan your website or web application from time to time. However, if you use ready-made web applications such as WordPress, some plugins may be updated automatically and you do not always know if someone else is introducing changes. Therefore, we highly recommend that you run a full scan every week and a quick scan, or also you can run a scheduled scan.

By Darkwordlhacker Top 10 Web Vulnerability Scanners

1) Netsparker: Netsparker is a web vulnerability management solution and the main focus on scalability, automation, and integration. Netsparker Based on a leading-edge web vulnerability scanner, the Netsparker uses proprietary Proof-Based Scanning™ technology to detect and confirm vulnerabilities, confidently indicating results that are surely not false positives. Netsparker is most effective both integrated within the SDLC and as a stand-alone solution

2) Indusface WAS: Indusface web application scanning helps you to detect web application vulnerabilities along with, malware, and logical flaws or error with daily or on-demand comprehensive scanning.


  • Biweekly Automated Application Scans

  • OWASP Top 10 Threat Detection

  • Sans 25 Vulnerability Detection

  • Scan Behind Authentication Page

  • 5 Vulnerabilities Detail & Remediation

  • AA Scan Seal

  • Unlimited Automated App Scans

  • Complete Vulnerability Details & Remediation

  • 5 Proof Of Concept

  • Defacement Alerts

  • Malware Scans

  • Blacklisting Checks

  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Scans

  • Managed Pen-Testing

  • Unlimited Proof of Concepts

  • Schedule Scans

  • Daily Scans

  • Managed 24*7 Support

3) Nessus Professional:

Nessus professional is a highly recommended tool for vulnerability assessment it helps you to quickly identify and fix vulnerabilities including any type of software flaws or missing critical patches and misconfigurations across a variety of operating system applications and devices.


  • User-friendly policy creation and only need to click on scan for vulnerability scanning.

  • Advanced detection

  • Cost-effective for companies of all sizes.

  • Accurate visibility into your networks.

  • Plugins provide timely protection.

  • Accommodate growth.

4) Paessler security vulnerability assessment tool has highly advanced infrastructure management capability. Paessler mainly monitors IT infrastructure by using SNMP, WMI, Sniffing, REST APIS, SQL, and others.


  • we can monitor jFlow, sFlow, IP SLA, Firewall, IP, LAN, Wi-Fi, Jitter, and IPFIX.

  • It provides time to time alerts via email, plays alarm audio files, or triggering HTTP requests.

  • Paessler tool provides Multiple user web interfaces.

  • It has come with automated failover handling.

  • We can visualize the network using maps.

  • Paessler allows you to monitor networks in different locations.

  • You can get the numbers, statistics, and graphs for the data we are going to monitor or configure.


SUCURI is one of the most popular free Web Vulnerability Scanners. We can do a quick test for vulnerabilities, blacklisting status, injected SPAM, and defacements.

SUCURI helps you to protect the website from hackers along with its support multiple platforms including WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Drupal, phpBB, etc.

5) Intruder

Intruder is cloud base vulnerability scanner for external infrastructure with the help of these tools we can find vulnerable or security weakens in the network to avoid data breaches


  • You can synchronize any type of external IPs and DNS hostnames.

  • It is a developer-friendly software that can be integrated with Slack or Jira so that we can identify the security issues

  • With the help of Intruder we can check Vulnerable ports and services.

  • We will receive email and Slack notifications when scans are done, and summary PDF reports emailed on a monthly basis.

  • has more than 10,000 security checks that help in reducing cyber risk.


Most of the website owners don’t even suspect that their web app is vulnerable or hacked until the threat becomes real and the hackers get access to sensitive data. Vulnerability scanner made for a scan the web app along with Network.

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