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Top 10 Cybersecurity News

Cyber Security Hacking News

  1. YUMA, Ariz. (KYMA, KECY) - Yuma Regional Medical Center (YRMC) said it mailed letters to thousands of patients whose information may have been involved in a recent cybersecurity incident.The breach took place between April 21 and April 25.

  2. The Shoprite Group declared on Friday evening it had become aware of a suspected data compromise, including names and ID numbers, which may affect some customers who engaged in money transfers to and within Eswatini and within Namibia and Zambia.

  3. The Iranian state-sponsored threat actor Lyceum is leveraging a new .NET-based DNS backdoor to target Middle Eastern entities. The backdoor’s code is copied from the open-source tool

  4. Travis CI was found exposing thousands of authentication tokens and other confidential information, that's enabled hackers to access private developer accounts in GitHub, AWS, and Docker.

  5. Thirty-seven organizations across eight countries joined the Coalition to Reduce Cyber Risk (CR2) to enhance cyber resilience and tackle threats such as ransomware.

  6. The DOJ and the FBI stated that only 25% of Netwalker’s victims reported the incidents to law enforcement. The total number of victims ranged between 450 and 1,500.

  7. Three PyPI packages were found to contain a backdoor due to a malicious dependency within certain versions, thereby exposing users to supply chain attacks.

  8. AvosLocker and Cerber ransomware groups are exploiting a recently patched RCE flaw in Confluence servers to gain initial access to corporate networks.

  9. Unit42 witnessed the deployment of a new HelloXD ransomware sample with an upgraded encryptor that features custom packing for evading detection and changes in encryption algorithm.

  10. Denmark-based SaaS data protection provider,Keepit, received a $22.5 million debt financing package from Silicon Valley Bank and Vaekstfonden

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