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Its all about Termux? | Computercooltricks

Updated: Mar 24, 2021

I hope you have heard about Termux ? firstly we need to understand what is Termux well follow us on how to install any application by using Termux along with the complete Termux command.

What is Termux?

What is Termux? is it for bad use or for Penetration? Basically, Termux is a terminal emulator application for Linux as well as for Android devices. We can run Termux without mobile rooting or without changing any internal mobile setting. We can also install any additional applications along with packages by using the APT package manager.

Once we open Termux you will see Termux has set up in such a way that the environment of Debian standard Linux almost the same as the Termux terminal. As we know Android environment is completely different from the Linux environment in general so the Termux we can install all packages/app used on the Linux terminal.

The most advanced feature of Temrux is we can install Penetration testing tools like Nmap/ Penetration tools applications like Metasploit and net hunter times on your Android phone only by using Termux terminal. From the security point of view, Termux helps us to install the Penetration tool hence its helps Networking engineering or test the network by using an Android device. Termux also gives us a package manager (APT) for installing the packages that we needed by using the Termux repository.

Termux is a terminal emulator application

A terminal emulator provides a text-based interface(CLI) to access the shell. Termux has created a GUI terminal emulator for accessing the shell hence its make it easier.

Basically, Termux is a GUI emulator for android that gives users to access your Android Linux shell from the graphical user interface.

How to install Termux on an Android device?

It's very very easy to install Termux on an Android device. Open the google play store and search Termux in the search box or click on the below link. Termux Download

Once the Termux installation process is done we need to run few commands so that package data will update. Open Termux terminal on your android phone and type

apt update

After that one more command need to run

apt upgrade

The above two commands are only for updating the Termux package and database.

How to install an app in Termux?

Termux has been set up in such a way that we can install a variety of Linux-based applications on Android phones with the help of the Termux terminal. APT is the package manager and helps to install the Termux package and app. When we are using Termux it's recommended to use the pkg package manager which is wrapper of an APT package manager.

with pkg, we can easily install and upgrade the packages automatically without doing manually update the APT list by just typing apt update like when we are using the apt package manager

pkg help menu: need to type pkg help to able to see the list of options provided by the Termux pkg package manager.

Looking for packages: by using this command pkg search ( package name) for searching package by name for example pkg search nmap

Install the package: use this command pkg install (package name) to install the packages

Delete packages: just need to type in Termux terminal pkg uninstall(package name) to remove the package for example pkg uninstall nmap

Reinstall package for reinstalling any package just type this command from Termux terminal pkg reinstall (package name) to reinstall packages for example pkg reinstall nmap

Packages Information: Some time we wanted to check package information for this we need to type this command pkg show pkg reinstall and hit enter for example pkg show nmap

Featuring install packages: use this command pkg reinstall to show all the list of packages already installed in your Termux app.

SEE LOCATION OF PACKAGES By using pkg files (package name) command to view the installed file package path or location. for example pkg files nmap

Show All Packages Available pkg list-all to show all the packages provided in the repository

Update and upgrade the installed packages: pkg upgrade use for update and upgrade the existing package in your Termux.

Basic Termux commands for Beginner

Below mentioned command help to check the options provided by the Termux pkg package manager.

pkg help

For package name

pkg search <package name>

For installation of the package

pkg install <package name>

for uninstall the packages

pkg uninstall <package name>

For reinstalling the packages

pkg reinstall <package name>

The below command will display detailed information about packages.

pkg show <package name>

To check the installed package in your Termux

pkg list installed

To check the location of the package

pkg files

To display all packages provided in the repository

pkg list-all

To update or upgrade the installed packages

pkg upgrade 

To clean the terminal


To check the current directory location


to check the list of files and directories


cd command use to move or navigate or to go the home directory


Basically, cp commands used to copy files and folders.


mv command used to move files and folder also we can use to rename the file


The below command use to delete the file


Chod command use to change file folder permission or privilege


Penetration test by using Termux

We can use Termux for a variety of things including penetration you can turn your android phone into a Penetration device or Penetration tool. We are going to share commonly used tools used by a professional penetration tester.

We have listed some main tools which are used by a professional penetration tester.

Metasploit Framework: One of the most popular Penetration tool which can use by a hacker as well as an ethical hacker to check systematic vulnerabilities on network or servers.

Wireshark: Basically Wireshark is the leading traffic analyzer and also used by security professionals or systems administrators. Wireshark comes in software and analyzes any network traffic in real-time and often the best tool for network troubleshooting. Nmap: is stand for Network mapper and free open-source tool for scanning the network and help to check vulnerability. Network admin uses Nmap to identify what devices are running in-network or finding open ports and detecting security risk.

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