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How to set GIFas wallpaper?

In this blog, we are helping to set GIF as Desktop wallpaper and Laptop. If I am not wrong we are getting bored of seeing the same type of static wallpaper on your Windows 10 desktop. We will show you how to put a gif as wallpaper.

With the help of BioniX, we will set gif desktop wallpaper? What is BioniX?

Binoix is one of the most famous wallpaper switchers/changers that will allow you to fully take control over the desktop. So first download the most famous wallpaper software called BioniX here's the download link.

Note: Before you start the BioniX make sure high-quality GIF images already downloaded.

How to install and use BioniX?

Step 1) Right-click on the app and run. The default path of Bionix c:\BioniX Wallpaper\

Step 2 ) Click on install wait for a few sec.

Step 3) Need to locate the folder where your GIF images are saved.

Step 4) Select the one you want to apply by adjusting the few settings such as Animation, Speed, Magnification, among others..

Step 5) We can also get the feel of how the GIF wallpaper effect will look with the View demo images button.

Note: GIF wallpapers will work perfectly until the application is running minimizing the application will not affect GIF wallpaper if you wanted to stop GIf wallpapers animation or maybe wanted to return control of the wallpaper windows just, right-click on the BioniX icon and choose Close BioniX.

Here we have shared how to set a gif as wallpaper by using BioniX

Plastuer also can help you to set a GIF as wallpaper. It is a no-installation standalone program. We need to donate a minimum of $2 by paPal fees for using the Plastuer. Download size approx 82Mb file, Plastuer comes with no free trial hence we need to pay Minumum $2 to try it out.

Plastuer uses WebGL and the Open Source Chromium browser for render animation to the desktop or laptop. Plastuer software supports multiples display. while launch it will automatically detect the number of monitors and give you options to select which monitor for set GIF wallpaper.

We can pick an animated GIF in different ways

  • Chose the GIF file from your pc.

  • we can also use URL filed to point it to a source of GIF file.

  • We can also add several URLs with creating a playlist filed box

  • Also we can browse GIF file from the official gallery

Select the primary monitor to set the GIF wallpaper and click save to complete the setup

We can also disable the active computer wallpaper anytime by just clicking the Disable wallpaper button.

Download: Plastuer (Donationware)


We believed static wallpaper can be really boring. so we have shared how to set a gif as wallpaper instead of using a static boring wallpaper. But remember that GIF files or animated wallpaper can consume more RAM to render the graphics.

The richer the GIF quality or animation the more resources will eat away hence we need adequate system memory at least 4GB

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