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How to check the latest windows 10 installed updates? |Computercooltricks

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

As we know Microsoft frequently updates windows 10 in this article we will show 2 ways to check the latest windows 10 updates.

let's start the Steps a) Click on the start menu after that click on the small gear icon. or quickest way is pressing windows+i on your keyboard.

b) In the Settings click on "update and & security"

Now select "Windows update" from the sidebar after that click "view update history"

Once you click ed on "view update history" you will be able to see multiples list of installed windows 10 updates and sorted by category. update history.

  • Feature updates: Most important update of windows in these updates includes security improvements update, latest features update of windows, and Security patches.

  • Quality updates: Most major and regular updates of the Microsoft Windows 10 operating system

  • Driver Updates: These are updates of drivers devices for example Mouse, printer driver, etc

  • Definition updates: These updates mainly related to Microsoft defender Anti-malware

  • Other Updates: These are miscellaneous windows updates the don't fit under other categories of Microsoft.

If you expand all the above categories you will see the most recent updates toward the top. In each entry will display the windows update details information like date or kb number.

If you had like detailed information about an update then click on the link after that you will see the page of Microsoft support website. How we can check the installed updates from the control panel. The easy way is to press windows+r on your keyboard after the type control and hit enter.

Once the control panel open click on Uninstall a Program

Once you click on uninstall a program after than need to click on view installed updates

you will see the list of all the Microsoft updates. The list can be sorted by clicking the header of the row for each respective column.


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