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Daily Cybersecurity News November 16, 2022

The widely publicised threat of cloud data leaks continues to haunt businesses. Researchers have discovered personally identifiable information (PII) in exposed Amazon RDS snapshots. By the way, there are over 800 of them! A new dangerous malware loader has been discovered, infecting a large number of systems in a short period of time. It appears that no industry is immune. The Killnet group has claimed responsibility for yet another DDoS attack on the FBI. Continue reading to find out what happened in the last 24 hours.

  1. Researchers discovered hundreds of Amazon RDS databases exposing the names, email addresses, marital status, dates of birth, car rental details, and company logins.

  2. VMware witnessed a new malware loader, dubbed BatLoader, which has already compromised 43 systems in the last 90 days, across education, healthcare, IT, and retail sectors, among others.

  3. A ransomware attack forced Jackson County Intermediate School District officials to take offline their networks. The system outage impacted phones, classroom tech, and heating.

  4. The FBI director warned against Chinese exploitation of TikTok for controlling data collection of millions of users or controlling the recommendation algorithm.

  5. Killnet claimed responsibility for a DDoS attack against FBI websites. It posted links allegedly related to the FBI's Law Enforcement Enterprise Portal.

  6. Fortinet researchers spotted new RapperBot malware samples used to create a DDoS botnet to target game servers.

  7. A report by the Center for Internet Security stated that K-12 schools remain a top target for cyberattacks as 81% have not implemented proper MFA, while 29% have no MFA at all.

  8. The FBI issued a PSA warning against tech support scams, in which scammers impersonate support staff from software firms and trick users into giving up their bank account details.

  9. Attack surface management firm Bishop Fox raised $46 million in Series B funding led by WestCap, with participation from NextEquity Partners and Rockpool Capital.

  10. Zero trust cybersecurity solution provider ThreatLocker announced the acquisition of Third Wall, a risk management platform for DeFi protocols, for an undisclosed sum.

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