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Daily Threat Intelligence Cybersecurity New 14, 2022

A cryptocurrency exchange was robbed and had to declare bankruptcy. A bad day for cryptocurrency owners. The Black Basta group has been making quite a name for itself in the cybercrime underground, and its latest victim is a supermarket chain. In other news, Bahrain was subjected to cyberattacks just days before an election. Continue reading for more weekend news.

  1. FTX reported suffering a theft of $600 million from its wallets. The crypto exchange urged users to delete their FTX apps and refrain from using the website.

  2. Canadian supermarket chain Sobeys suffered a ransomware attack by Black Basta, which disrupted certain systems and services including technical difficulties in fulfilling prescriptions.

  3. An initial access broker claimed to have hacked into Deutsche Bank to gain access to 21,000 machines in the bank’s network. It is now offering network access for sale online.

  4. CERT-UA confirmed that Russian hacktivists, tracked as UAC-0118, compromised multiple Ukrainian organizations with the new Somnia ransomware strain.

  5. Attackers targeted Bahrain official websites right before a parliamentary election. Bahrain News Agency and parliament websites remain offline.

  6. An ongoing extortion scam by Team Montesano is targeting website admins and owners across the world, claiming that their servers are hacked and demanding $2,500 to prevent them from leaking the data.

  7. Abraham’s Ax, an Iranian hacking group, claimed to have gained entry into the Saudi Ministry of Interior systems and released a proof-of-concept file.

  8. The CISA announced the launch of a Stakeholder-Specific Vulnerability Categorization (SSVC) guide that would assist organizations to prioritize vulnerability patching using a decision-tree model.

  9. LockBit 3.0 started leaking confidential information belonging to Thales. However, the company stated that the breach will have no effect on its operations.

  10. GitHub introduced a new private vulnerability reporting capability for security researchers to report any bugs found in their code to repository maintainers.

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