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How to make Bootable USB PenDrive? Computercooltricks

In this blog, I will guide you on how to create a bootable USB. I have the easiest way to make a USB Pendrive bootable only just need to give a couple of minutes.

I am assuming you have listened to make your Pendrive bootable with help of a command prompt. But the thing is to make your pen drive bootable with the help of a command prompt is not easy for the beginner hence I will guide you to make a bootable Pendrive. Before starting the steps for bootable Pendrive you must have a windows iso file with a minimum of 4GB storage Pendrive. Check out the best create a bootable USB Pendrive Maker software for windows and MAC..

I will guide you on how to make Pendrive bootable with software or without using the software. so let's start with how to make bootable Pendrive by using the command prompt.

By using Windows CMD

How to make a Pendrive bootable using windows cmd manager with using any type of software? 1) Insert a USB Pendrive into your system or Laptop 2) Now need to open Command Prompt with administrator privilege. just right-click on the cmd icon and run as administrator. 3) After opening the command prompt type this command and hit enter disk part

4) Now will show some info about your computer. now again need to type one more command list disk


5) Now it will display the connected drives, Then type the next command

select disk # ( # is for disk number see the below image for reference)


6) Now need to enter this command create partition primary it will create a partition on Pendrive and this step is the most important of the process.

7) Now we are able to select the new partition now type the next command select partition 1 hit enter. 8) Now you are able to see the status now need to type another command active and hit enter, with this command it will activate the partition. 9) Now we will format the USB Pendrive for bootable, type this command format fs=32 and hit the enter key. we can able to see the progress in percentage order.

10) Now in this step we will type the command assign and hit the enter key after the type exit for ending the management program.

11) And finally the last step is needed to copy the Windows ISO files to your USB Pendrive to make a Pendrive bootable.

Now I will share how to make a bootable Pendrive by using software and trust me it will be the easiest way to make a bootable Pendrive in a few minutes. By using Universal USB Installer

How to make a bootable Pendrive with the help of a universal USB installer for any operating systems

1) Firstly click on this link to download the universal USB installer

2) Now open the Universal USB installer to make a bootable Pendrive. Choose the Windows 10 installer from the drown menu in step1)


2) now in step 2 select the .iso file from the drive after that in step 3) crossed the drive letter in my case drive letter is G. Make sure tick on will fat32


and finally, click on create tab and wait for few mins once the process completed you can use the Pendrive for USB boot. How to make a bootable Pendrive with the help of Rufus for any operating systems? 1) Download the Rufus from the official website. 2) Install the downloaded file once the installation completes its means we are ready to use Rufus now. 3) Insert the USB Pendrive to make a bootable USB.

4)Now open the Rufus installer and chose the ISo file from your pc or laptop. 5) Click on Device and choose the Pendrive drive in my case drive is called G. See the below image for reference. once the device is selected click on the boot section and select the .iso file from the drive


Partition scheme: under this drop-down you have two option GPT and MBR and finally, click on start to make bootable USB and wait for a while to complete the process.

By using PowerISO

How to make a bootable Pendrive with the help of PowerISO for any operating systems? 1) Download the PowerISO from the official website. 2) Open PowerISO software click on the Tools -- Create Bootable USB Drive once you click on Create Bootable USB Drive you need to confirm the UAC box first to continue further.


3) Now we need to choose the .iso file by clicking on the folder tab icon 4) Destination USB drive will be your Pendrive in my case G drive See the below image for reference.

note: write method will be USB- HDD and file system will be Automatic


Once the above steps are done just simple click on start to create a bootable USB. 8) PowerISO will give you one alert All data in the USB drive will be overwritten. Click OK to continue. We will receive one notification which says “Writing USB drive completed successfully” after that we can use the Pendrive to installing the windows on any pc or Laptop. Recommendations: I would like to recommend you to go with Refus because it's very easy to use the best tool to make a bootable Pendrive. Overview: In this blog, I have guided you on how to make a bootable drive with software or without software, Also we have recommended you the best tools for making a bootable USB drive. If you are facing any type of issue while creating a bootable drive then feel free to contact me directly. I will try my best to reply to your query.


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